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Welcome to ARMR CrossFit where everyone of all fitness levels workout together, get stronger together, sweat together, and become the best version of themselves, together. Don’t be intimidated when you walk through the doors….you CAN do this. All movements in class can be slightly modified to accommodate your current fitness level.



Andye Razmus

I have been a gym rat my entire life. If I wasn't participating in school sports, I was at the gym on the off season training for my next sport. A 4 sport athlete and All City/ All Conference honors during my high school career launched my success as an All American in track in college. Fitness has been an everyday factor and my passion since I was very young. I have learned the ins and outs of the fitness industry over the course of my career by working at many gyms, training along side amazing athletes, learning and growing as a fitness enthusiast which eventually inspired me to start my own business in 2012. After many hurdles and struggles as a small business, I knew I had to move to a bigger location if I wanted to grow. In 2016 after meeting my husband, Blayne Muller co-owner, we moved the gym out to Hudsonville where we became a CrossFit affiliate and the rest was history. Being able to turn my passion into my business has been very rewarding. Everyday I get the opportunity to help people become a better version of themselves. My coaching staff at the gym and my wonderful support staff at home has made it all possible.


Blayne Muller

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

After deciding to live a healthier lifestyle in 2012 I bought a commercial gym membership. After one year of pretending I didn't have a membership and two years of weight training I was persuaded to buy a groupon to ARMR. I wasn't very good but the community and coach kept me coming back. Within a year I was coaching alongside Andye and helping grow the gym any way I could. Here we are seven years later and couldn't have hoped for a better group of members and staff.

CrossFit Coach & Office Assistant


I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. Athletics have always been a part of my life. I began playing tennis in 2nd grade. Being healthy and fit was always in my family’s lifestyle. I started working out at the age of 14, played tennis and ran track in high school. I went to GRCC and graduated with a business degree. I found my niche while working at a health club for 10 years being supervisor, event planner, marketing and membership coordinator. I left there, needing a break from the fitness atmosphere. But still worked out attending group ex classes, doing triathlons, traditional lifting, etc. July 2011 I found CrossFit. This is my passion that I know will last!
I absolutely love it! The Olympic lifts are my favorite. Gymnasticsky things… well I need to work on those…. But that’s the beauty of this sport, always something to strive for! See you in the gym!

CrossFit Coach


I have lived in the Grand Rapids area my whole life and have spent the last 12 years in Hudsonville with my wife Ashley and our twin boys. I work as a Regional Sales Manager for a small company based out of Dallas, TX.

As a kid, I found my passion for competition through sports, specifically hockey, which I fell in love with at a young age and continued to play at the collegiate level for Grand Valley State University. During my college years, I coached multiple youth hockey programs and upon graduating I coached at the high school level for several years until our twins were born. I have been coaching my sons’ teams in baseball and hockey for the last 9 years.

In 2017, I decided to try a CrossFit class. The comradery and competition was just what I was looking for and quickly became a staple in my weekly routine. In 2019, I was able to combine my two passions, competing and coaching, at ARMR CrossFit. Similar to hockey, I enjoy helping others improve and discover their fitness abilities and reach their personal goals.

Olympic Lifting & Crossfit Coach


Fitness and sports have been a part of my life since age 5 when I started gymnastics.  I was a competitive gymnast for many years until I began school sports.  Throughout middle school and high school I played basketball, volleyball and ran track.  After high school I continued my fitness journey with group fitness classes at various gyms in the area.  Many years later I learned that you can’t just do cardio and I started working with personal trainers to learn how to lift weights.  CrossFit soon became something I was interested in but was hesitant to join because I had small children.  I didn’t think I could make that work.  I found a way and haven’t looked back since.  Most days my three children(ages 1-11 ) are with me at the gym, watching or even jumping into a workout with me.  Since starting Crossfit 7 years ago I’ve transitioned into a USAW athlete and now do a mix of Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting.  I have 3 state records and won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Masters Meet in Montreal.  You can find me at ARMR coaching the barbell class and an occasional CrossFit class.  When I’m not at the gym I’m in my classroom teaching 4th Grade Spanish Immersion, spending time with my children and my husband Josh(who I met at CrossFit), traveling, or drinking good wine. 

CrossFit Coach


I have always been a workout fanatic. I started working out when I was 12. I was introduced to CrossFit during my senior year of high school where I started to do it from home. When I went to college, I was invited to a CrossFit gym where I fell in love with the sport. I loved the competitive, functional style of workouts that were inclusive to anyone's fitness level, and I quickly became committed to improving in the sport of CrossFit. Ever since 2017, I have loved this journey. I have met some amazing people along the way. I cannot imagine CrossFit not being a part of my life.

Bodyshox bootcamp Coach


I was born and raised in Ohio, and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan for college in 2018. I grew up playing sports and have had a passion for health and fitness most of my life. I was encouraged to try cross-fit by my husband, so I started with ARMR in 2020. I instantly fell in love with the competitive aspect of it and looked forward to pushing myself and getting a little bit better every day. One of my favorite parts is the community and the fact that my son can come with me every day and be my little workout sidekick too!

CrossFit Coach


Ever since I was a child, I have always been involved in competitive sports and loved the challenge it presented me both physically and mentally. After graduating high school, I knew I wanted to continue being active and competitive in some way.  Because of this I decided to get involved in CrossFit after my dad introduced me to the sport.  I was instantly hooked and fell in love with the constantly varied fitness style. I quickly grew a passion for seeing how far my body could go and what I could overcome.  After about 3 years of doing CrossFit & competing in the sport, This same passion got me through a major health issue. As a result, my passion for CrossFit grew stronger because of how it improved my health and quality of life.

CrossFit Coach


I started CrossFit at 14 years old back in 2017. Also at that time I was an avid swimmer for Hudsonville Age Group and then swam all through middle school and high school. I have always loved the water but needed something more. CrossFit was just right for that! I have loved being able to get multiple styles of exercise like weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio all in a one hour segment. Fast forward to today, I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Nursing, while working at Greater Cardiology and Grandville Public Schools, coaching their Age Group swim team. I am very excited to start coaching CrossFit as it has been a big passion of mine for a long time.


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